Nunc Loquamur

Nunc Software Closeup

Used with the book or alone, Nunc Loquamur Software will enhance your language learning experience. Designed to complement and keep the spirit of the book, the software focuses on activities to practice building meaning in Latin.

The Program
Dialogues [screenshot]
These are the main activities. The entire book's contents are available for on-line practice. You can listen to the dialogues as they are, and you can record you voice and insert it in the performance.
Challenging Games
In keeping with the spirit of the book, encouraging risk-taking, these games don't place excessive emphasis on points or scores. They are here for the pure pleasure of challenge. There is also a concerted effort to focus on listening comprehension
Dictation [screenshot]screen
Word Order [screenshot]
Cloze [screenshot]
Sound Match [screenshot]

Tools for Teachers

Designed with teachers in mind, there are some special tools available for teachers:

These features naturally require an appropriate license type.