Nunc Loquamur

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Nunc Loquamur is a book of guided conversations for students of Latin. Guided Conversations are just what they sound like. They are everyday conversations with variations provided to guide you in adapting them. For sample pages and ordering information, Nunc Loquamur: Guided Conversations for Latin Second Edition



At last! Now you can listen to the dialogues. All of the audio can be downloaded to your portable MP3 player or you can make your own CD.


At last! Now you can use your computer to practice Conversational Latin. Download the program from this site or from the Audio CD. Best of all... it's free!

Second Edition is here!

Unit XXXI image of soldiers

In addition to a variety of typographical and usage corrections, there are some major changes.

Additional material

5 new conversations with a unified theme have been added (units 31 ~ 35). New appendices: Useful Words and Phrases, The Roman Calendar, Numbers, Grammar and Activity ideas.