Here is how I have integrated my rev project with payPal so I can recieve on-line payments hassle-free. There are 4 pages to this. This page will give you an overview of the implementation (the big picture). The following pages will go into the details and provide links to scripts and stacks I've used (details).

What you need:

Here is an outline of what my registration process looks like:
  1. user clicks on a button in my project. The button has this script:
    go stack URL "" in a new window
    A stack is downloaded from my site and is displayed.
  2. The user selects the type of license (single, site) and presses a button.
  3. The stack generates the license code and writes that information (as well as some tracking info) to a text file on my site. This is done by sending the info to a cgi.
  4. Next a html address is built to call PayPal with your product's info and customer tracking number. This is sent via shell to automatically launch the user's browser and display PayPal's site.
  5. The user pays. PayPal will send the user back to a cgi on your site.
  6. Your cgi checks the output from PayPal. If the payment is completed, it finds the user's license key in the "key_log.txt" file. Then it uses a "success.html" file to create a custom page with the license key displayed. It also email the user with the key.
Here is a simple graphic of the process

Next, I'll go into more detail and note some possible pitfalls that could trip you up [they did me!]:
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